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Welcome to ramsey family dentistry

Let’s be honest, no one actually likes going to the dentist, and you’d be lying if you said that you do. Unfortunately, while we don’t like going the reality is, we all need to go. Since becoming a dentist, Dr. Kevin Ramsey has made it his personal mission to make sure dentist visits are stress-free and comfortable. Patients actually say they enjoy their visits with Ramsey Family Dentistry! The reason is very simple, and it all begins with the man leading the way, Dr. Ramsey. Dr. Ramsey is a dentist that is easy going, compassionate, fun, and makes you feel at home the moment you meet him. His Ramsey Family Dentistry team’s top priority each and every day is to make sure your visit is easy too.

With brew on demand coffee and a fridge stocked full of bottled water, your waiting room time is relaxing and easy. Need to get some work done while waiting? Hop on one of the office provided iPads to stay connected.

What Makes Us Different

These days, there are several high-volume dental clinics. While they might appear like a small family-run practice, they are unfortunately part of a multi-office dental farm. Places like this give their patients the same low amount of time with cookie-cutter treatment to keep their costs down and their turnover high. It’s not about you, the individual. Remember the old “take a number, and have a seat” days? That’s what you are to large dental farms, a number. Being a number is great for fast food restaurants, but it’s terrible for the management of your dental care.

Dr. Ramsey dedicates the time you need to ensure that your dental care is properly performed. You will get personal treatment and care from Dr. Ramsey and his amazing team. Our goal is to empower you to make sound decisions about your dental care and to create a treatment plan that makes the most sense for you.

A Little Dr. Ramsey Trivia

Before beginning dental training, Dr. Kevin Ramsey was at the helm of some different type of precision machine. As a US Army aviator veteran, Dr. Ramsey was stationed in Korea, Bosnia, and finished his service with the military in Colorado. 

Think you know a lot about music? Try playing music trivia with Dr. Ramsey while you’re sitting in the chair, you’ll most likely lose.

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