Teeth Whitening


Your smile is more powerful than you might think. Smiling is important for forming positive social bonds by making you appear confident, friendly, and approachable. Plus, smiling makes you feel good! It is believed that the act of smiling helps reduce stress by releasing endorphins. A healthy, bright smile also enhances your appearance and can make you look instantly younger by lifting the muscles of the face.

What makes you grin? Whether it’s enjoying a good joke or sharing a happy moment with a special person – you want your smile at its best. At Ramsey Family Dentistry, we’ll enhance your smile using the most effective teeth whitening techniques available.

Why Do I Need Teeth Whitening?

You may have noticed your teeth starting to yellow or take on a darker hue. Discoloration of the teeth can occur both internally and externally. Internal discoloration takes place inside the tooth enamel and dentin. It can be a result of genetics, decay, trauma, or certain dental procedures. You may also find that your teeth naturally start to darken as you age.

External discoloration usually occurs as a result of exposure to certain substances. Foods that cause surface staining include coffee, tea, red wine, soda, and berries. Tobacco use can also leave stains on teeth. Having your teeth whitened can put the sparkle back in your smile and make you feel more youthful and confident. Teeth whitening is also less expensive than other cosmetic dental procedures.

Types of Teeth Whitening

The basic types of teeth whitening are:

  • Over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments
  • In-office teeth whitening by a dental professional
  • Take-home treatments provided by a dental professional

It is possible to buy teeth whitening kits at your local drug store for use at home. These products usually include trays that will hold a whitening gel or whitening strips that you place on your teeth; however, professional dental whitening is recommended over the use of over-the-counter kits because it is more effective and gentler.

When you have your teeth whitened at our Gilbert dental office, Dr. Kevin Ramsey will oversee your customized whitening process. Unlike one-size-fits-all store bought treatments, your whitening plan at Ramsey Family Dentistry will be personalized just for you. Dr. Ramsey will use custom-fitted whitening trays on your teeth for maximum comfort. Even if you have sensitive teeth, our team will make sure that you achieve a brilliant smile - up to ten shades brighter in just one visit - without the irritation sometimes caused by over-the-counter whitening solutions.

Dr. Ramsey may also suggest a customized at-home system to maximize your whitening treatment. This system will include custom-fitted whitening trays and gel at a strength chosen specifically to meet your whitening needs. This type of at-home kit is not available in stores – only through a dentist office.

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